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Gata tricou in 2 saptamani


One of our Customer Service Principles is “Maximum sincerity”. We always discuss with the customer maximum details of the ordering process. That’s why in this article we will tell you about one of the most important aspects as Order Terms.

Main items we sell in our web-store are rhythmic gymnastics are leotards for performance. Being a leading Russian producer şi seller of such leotards, we decided to give opportunity to the foreign customers in order to estimate the high quality of our leotards.

So, when we start processing the order we say that the leotard will be ready in 2 weeks. This term can be long or short for someone. But it’s quite optimal for us.

Let us see together what’s happening with the order during this 2 weeks period.

Order entered into our web-store or e-mail is processed by sales manager. He/She agrees order terms, measurements şi dimensiuni, payment şi delivery details (having prepared several variants beforehand), total cost of the order by the phone or e-mail. Sometimes it’s necessary to remeasure a gymnast. When all the details are agreed, sales manager issues an invoice.

Order doesn’t go to the manufacture until it’s paid (payment is made by PayPal – one of the most secure systems in the world).

When the order is paid it goes to the manufacture, where the most interesting things happen. During the work leotard goes through the following:

1.      Cutting. The maximum term of cutting is 1 working day or 8 hours.

2.      Sewing. The term of tricou complexe sewing is 1-3 working days or 8-24 hours.

3.      Pictura.  The maximum term of painting leotard varies from 6 to 12 hours depending on the complexity of the leotard. After leotard is painted, it has to become dry during 24 hours. Then it should be heat treated so that the leotard can be washed without any doubts that it will lose it’s look.

4.      Paste-up. The time spent on the paste-up is in direct proportion to the quantity of cristale, so it could take 1-10 hours. After paste-up the leotard shouldn’t be transferred, folded şi touched during an hour. And the glue usually dries up during 24 hours.

5.      After every step leotard goes through the quality test (correct measurements, stitching quality, şi compliance with the painting şi paste-up technologies). Ready garment goes through the final quality-test, where everything is checked one more time.

After that leotard goes to the Logistics Department, after the order payment is confirmed, order is being prepared for shipment: we pack the garment, fill in customs documents şi accompanying papers. Then delivery service sends it to the indicated address.

Thus your order will be processed şi manufactured. As a result, you will receive the garment of high quality.

You are welcome to order at our web-store şi estimate personally the quality of our work şi leotards!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
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